ARTHRODONT PASTE is designed for those suffering from irritated gums or occasional minor swelling of the gums. Its active ingredient, enoxolone (glycyrrhetinic acid), soothes gums so that brushing is comfortable once again.

​Available in pharmacies and drugstores. 

80g tube

Product advantages

  • Soothing for irritated gums

Effective for

  • Sensitive Gums

Recommended for

  • Adults
  • Teenagers

How to use

Brush and/or gently massage in (using a soft toothbrush or with a clean finger), three times a day after meals. Rinse after use.

Professional opinion

Soothing ARTHRODONT PASTE is ideal for calming gum irritation. For enhanced effects, apply directly to the gums and gently massage.

May be combined with ARTHRODONT mouthwash, which helps to fight the bacteria responsible for gum problems.



  • Soothing properties