ELUGEL oral gel


ELUGEL is a cleansing oral gel to be used alongside periodontal and implant treatments, in cases of sensitive gums or when individuals are unable to brush their teeth properly.

ELUGEL may also be used for oral hygiene with cover screws in place while waiting for an implant.

Available in pharmacies and drugstores.

40 ml tube

Product advantages

  • Contributes to good oral hygiene
  • Reduces dental plaque
  • Cleansing

Effective for

  • Dental Plaque

Recommended for

  • Adults
  • Teenagers

How to use

Apply to the affected area with a finger or using a very soft toothbrush. Use three times a day Do not swallow.

Professional opinion

When brushing is possible, ELUGEL does not substitute brushing teeth after every meal. Prolonged use may occasionally cause staining of the teeth which disappears with brushing.
Not to be used by children under six years of age.
Do not store above 25°C.


Chlorhexidine (chlorhexidine digluconate 0.2%)

  • Antiseptic properties


Clinical results

A clinical study involving 42 participants (three applications a day, for 14 days) revealed that ELUGEL significantly reduces gum inflammation (gingival index): 28.4% reduction in 28 adults after tartar removal and polishing, and 32.8% reduction in 14 children with no prior treatment.
100% of users were satisfied with ELUGEL and reported gums that were healthier, soothed, less sensitive with less redness